Comodo SSL

Neither a domain name nor a document required, 10.000$ guarantee, 128/256-bit encryption, 99.3% web and mobile browsers compatibility, www.domain, and with encryption.

Comodo SSL Prices

Name Domain Guarantee Price Process
Comodo Positive SSL 1 $10000 $9 Order Now
Comodo Positive Plus SSL 1 $10000 $49 Order Now
Comodo Instant SSL 1 $50000 $50 Order Now
Comodo Extended Validation SSL 1 $750000 $99 Order Now
Comodo Elite SSL 1 $500000 $195 Order Now
Comodo Premium SSL 1 $250000 $249 Order Now
Comodo SGC Wildcard SSL 1 $1000 $299 Order Now

What is Comodo SSL Certificate?

Comodo SSL Certificates have various Comodo SSL Certificates in different configurations. There are a variety of SSL Certificates; SAN that can secure more than one server or domain name, Wildcard SSL that secures multiple subdomain names of your domain name, EV SLL that requires entity-authentication and variety of SSL Certificates with EV SAN features. These SSL certificates, which perform the basic encryption for a domain and can be purchased with domain name validation only, are Comodo Instant SSL and Comodo Essential SSL Certificates. These different versions of SSL Certificates are Comodo SSL Certificates used in internet applications such as medium-sized e-mail websites, web-based e-mail, etc. Comodo Instant SSL, Wildcard SSL, and Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL Certificates are also available to improve security in sub-domain names of a domain name.

Comodo SLL Certificates that can only be purchased with entity-authentication for a single domain name are; Instant SSL Certificate, Comodo Instant SSL Premium and Comodo Instant SSL Premium. SSL Certificate that can be purchased with company documents and that secures the subdomains of a domain name is Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Comodo SSL's SSL Certificate with the green bar - the green address bar feature is Comodo EV SSL. This certificate provides protection for only one domain name.
The Comodo SSL Certificate may be used for a single domain name or multiple domain names, depending on its type. You should be careful and purchase the most appropriate SSL Certificate for your need. Positive SSL, Instant SSL and Essential SSL Certificates are only for a single domain name; however, please note that these certificates can be assigned as "" or "" as well upon your wish. If you are going to purchase an SSL Certificate to be assigned for a single main domain and its subdomains, you may opt for Premium Wildcard or Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard Certificates.
Comodo Positive Multi Domain SSL Certificate includes 3-100 domain names.
Comodo SSL Certificates are in compliance with all banks. It offers compliance with 99.9% of all web browsers.
When Comodo EV SSL is installed on your web address, https encryption with green address bar is displayed; this increases the trust of your site visitors for your site. Other SSL Certificates of Comodo do not offer the green address bar feature.
The Trusted Site Seal given with the Comodo SSL Certificates can be displayed on your website. According to the type of your Comodo SSL Certificate, the seal has either "Comodo Secure" or "Secured by Comodo Essential SSL" notice.

EV - Extended Validation SSL - EV SSL
Extended Validation (the highest available level) – is a certificate that can ensure single domain name or multiple domain name and displays the green address bar on the most browsers that provide advanced security and confidence. SSL validation is made through third party trustworthy sources as the organization verified SSL. Tubiba, Yellowpages or the Chamber of Commerce records are checked and the existence of the company is confirmed. EV Request Form and EV Subscriber Agreement Form is completed and stamped by the authorized signatory. Visual verification is made on the browser. Apart from the green address bar, Corner of Trust can be used as well. With EV SSL, the site will be protected with $ 1,750,000 warranty.

Required Documents for EV SLL: Tax registration certificate, Signatory circular, Commercial newspaper example, Comodo EV SSL documents.
EV SSL Installation Time: 2-5 business days